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TEC - The Executive Connection



The TEC network
is affiliated with Vistage Intl USA, UK and SE Asia.


Here's a 3-minute introduction explaining "Why TEC".

After experiencing TEC membership myself when I was an executive it was easy to accept their offer to chair with my own group. I have always embraced the power of peer connection and deeply understand the value of long-term mentoring and peer relations. As a TEC chair I draw so much inspiration and energy from my group.

If you aren't familiar with advisory boards yet, here is a link to a short, independent article that explains the principles of what we do. 

TEC offers a results-proven framework. Each chair has a group of 12-16 business leaders from non-competing industries and sectors. The main difference between TEC and other coaching is the ‘compounding effect’ of the longer-term relationship between the member and their peers and the member and the chair. As a TEC member you are never alone as a decision-maker, as you belong to a global network of business leaders.

I arrange  monthly workshops and conduct executive sessions for my group, held under Chatham House rules. Membership is by invitation and is not a single-need coaching or consulting service. Rather it’s for leaders who value continuous, compounding and holistic improvement.

For more information: www.tec.com.au