“Goals are only wishes
unless you have a plan.”

- Melinda Gates

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After decades of experience in executive roles with for Profit and Not-for-profit organisations, I now have what I’d always hoped to achieve at this stage in my working life - a portfolio career. This consists of Non-Executive Director roles, advocacy work, coaching and consulting. 

In 2014 I knew it was time for a career change - a move away from working within organisations to a move towards working on them and with others instead. Work2Live Pty Ltd became my business and the credos that’s serving me well.

Outside work time you are most likely to find me scooting through Fremantle on my Vespa or reflecting on the beauty of the ocean at Perth or in Gracetown south-west WA.




My mission...

To help business owners, entrepreneurs, directors, C-Suite executives in fact anyone with an appetite to realise their potential to positively impact their organisations.

My greatest source of inspiration is the people I work with. My greatest strength is ensuring clients’ EQ and IQ collide to make magic happen.

We have one life. It’s not about walking a tightrope to find ‘balance’ and being frustrated when the inevitable happens. Rather it’s about finding purpose and having a plan to achieve our best life, with work as a primary contributor.

You can find out more about my work here,  and my involvement with The Executive Connection here.

Philantrophy and volunteer work are some of the many honours in my line of work.
Please have a look at the wonderful projects and organisations I support here.


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